What We Promise At HU Auto Sales

When you come face to face with problems that keep you from buying a car, getting back on the road can seem almost impossible.  At HU Auto Sales we do not accept obstacles of having bad credit or having lower income as being issues we cannot resolve for you.  In Cleveland, we are committed to finding a suitable car for you and the financial backing you need whether you have bad credit or zero credit to fall back on.  Problems with credit and income restrictions can be easily conquered when you choose HU Auto Sales to help you finance a vehicle.  At HU Auto Sales, our goal is to get you back on the road by helping you buy a reliable, car, truck or SUV and by helping you rebuild your credit with one low monthly payment.  Sound too good to be true? Think again!  At HU Auto Sales in Cleveland you won’t just find your next car, we intend on selling you your next 10 cars! We’re confident we can do that because we have been satisfying Cleveland area drivers for over 40 years.